New to Gnucash. How to set automatic downloads from Wells Fargo checking account

Jimmy Crossley jcrossley at
Mon Nov 5 12:48:28 EST 2012

I have been downloading transactions for my Wells Fargo checking account for a very long time, so I believe it is possible for you also.  I have been able to keep this working with the help from this list and information from  Since AqBanking is so versatile  and international in scope, it can be quite daunting to get it configured.

Here are some details about how I have AqBanking set up for my Wells Fargo checking account.  I am using gnucash 2.4.10 on Debian GNU/Linux testing (wheezy).  Fields I have omitted below are blank.

On the Users tab I set the same username I use to log into the web site:
  User Settings:
    User Name: <My name>
    User ID: <user id I use to log into the web site>
  Bank Settings:
    Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
    FID: 3000
    ORG: WF
    Server URL:
  Application Settings:
    Emulated Application: Intuit Quicken Windows 2011 (fills in the following fields for you)
    Application ID: QWIN
    Application Version: 2000
    Header Version: 102
On the Accounts tab I have the following account set up:
  Account Number: <My checking account number>
  Currency: (I set this as USD, but it keeps changing back to EUR, but when I download transactions, it defaults to USD, so no problem)
  Account type: Checking Account
  Country: United States of America (US)
  Bank Code: 11190659
  Bank Name: 11190659
  Selected user: <user set up above>

Perhaps some of these fields are not needed, but this is how I have it set up and it works great.  I use it every morning to keep my bank account reconciled.

Tip:  I download transactions first and choose not to import the balance.  The transactions downloaded entered or matched and are flagged.  Then I get the balance and choose to reconcile.  Unless I have failed to match up transactions properly, it balances every time.

Also, I believe you have to enable Consumer Quicken Banking on the account, which costs me 3.00 USD per month.

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