New to Gnucash. How to set automatic downloads from Wells Fargo checking account

Christopher Lam christopher.lck at
Mon Nov 5 13:45:00 EST 2012

This guy has done some scrapers... wouldn't it be fun to try adapt them to
download QIF/OFX on schedule?

On 5 November 2012 17:48, Jimmy Crossley <jcrossley at> wrote:

> I have been downloading transactions for my Wells Fargo checking account
> for a very long time, so I believe it is possible for you also.  I have
> been able to keep this working with the help from this list and information
> from  Since AqBanking is so versatile  and
> international in scope, it can be quite daunting to get it configured.
> Here are some details about how I have AqBanking set up for my Wells Fargo
> checking account.  I am using gnucash 2.4.10 on Debian GNU/Linux testing
> (wheezy).  Fields I have omitted below are blank.
> On the Users tab I set the same username I use to log into the web site:
>   User Settings:
>     User Name: <My name>
>     User ID: <user id I use to log into the web site>
>   Bank Settings:
>     Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
>     FID: 3000
>     ORG: WF
>     Server URL:
>   Application Settings:
>     Emulated Application: Intuit Quicken Windows 2011 (fills in the
> following fields for you)
>     Application ID: QWIN
>     Application Version: 2000
>     Header Version: 102
> On the Accounts tab I have the following account set up:
>   Account Number: <My checking account number>
>   Currency: (I set this as USD, but it keeps changing back to EUR, but
> when I download transactions, it defaults to USD, so no problem)
>   Account type: Checking Account
>   Country: United States of America (US)
>   Bank Code: 11190659
>   Bank Name: 11190659
>   Selected user: <user set up above>
> Perhaps some of these fields are not needed, but this is how I have it set
> up and it works great.  I use it every morning to keep my bank account
> reconciled.
> Tip:  I download transactions first and choose not to import the balance.
>  The transactions downloaded entered or matched and are flagged.  Then I
> get the balance and choose to reconcile.  Unless I have failed to match up
> transactions properly, it balances every time.
> Also, I believe you have to enable Consumer Quicken Banking on the
> account, which costs me 3.00 USD per month.
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