Schwab brokerage transactions - do I need

Chris Lonsberry chris.lonsberry at
Mon Nov 5 07:32:58 EST 2012

I've been successful in getting most of my various bank related
transactions, but I am stuck on Schwab Brokerage. My individual steps are
listed below, but the wiki says "At present, OFXDirectConnect can be used
to download transaction data from credit card and bank accounts. Investment
transactions should still be imported from downloaded OFX files (I use via GnuCash's File>Import>Import OFX/QFX... menu option." I wanted
to ask the list if that is still true.

If I attempt to download through the Schwab website, they only appear to
offer csv files, which will probably require some serious massaging. Is the best way to get my brokerage trasactions?

Here's what happens through "Get Transactions"

I jumped through all of the account setup hoops for the brokerage account,
but when I tried to download transactions, I got the following result: "The
Online Banking import returned no transactions for the selected time

If I return to the log I find:

Sending jobs to the bank(s)
Locking user ********
Sending request...
Connecting to server...
Resolving hostname "" ...
IP address is ""
Connecting to ""
Connected to ""
Sending message...
Message sent.
Waiting for response...
Receiving response...
HTTP-Status: 200 (OK)
Response received.
Disconnecting from server...
Parsing response...
Parsing response
Status for signon request: Success (Code 0, severity "INFO")
The server successfully processed the request.
Status for transaction statement request: General account error (Code 2002,
severity "ERROR")
Account error not specified by the remaining error codes.
Unlocking user ********
Postprocessing jobs
Resetting provider queues


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