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> On 2012-11-13 11:54, John Cuevas CPA Firm wrote:
>> hi , I just looked at the program last friday, and we like it a lot
>> and hope to use it. 
>> how do you delete a file (company)  when you go to the FILE      tab
>> at the top and see a column list of the companies which have been set up?

I think you're referring to the "most recently used" list, which doesn't check to ensure that files on the list haven't been deleted. You can either ignore the problem or you can edit the MRU list in ~/.gncomf/apps./gnucash/filex (where x is a number from 1 to 3).
>> can this program be used on a small network ?
Yes, but only by one person at a time. Gnucash is not a multi=user program.
>> what  country are you in ?
Some of us live in the USA, others in Germany, Belgium, and the UK.

Now, a question of my own: Why did you write Yawar directly? I ask because this seems to happen a lot, and we need for (potential) users to write directly to this list. There's obviously something wrong with our publicity materials somewhere.

John Ralls

>> thanks for your help,   John Cuevas
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