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> i wrote to you and Yawar because i saw your names on a list when I went to the Help Manual. I would say at the top of that list, put the link to the Forum.
> I will go there from now on. 
> >>>>>>
> I tried to look at a file from a 2nd networked computer and it said something about No Back End Link, how is this networked?
> i suggest you remove permanently that  "Account Register is REad only"  it is not useful and is an annoyance and time waster to have to remove the Placeholder .   
> Also suggest you have some way of auto- complete an account name ,  such as Advertising, rather than having to type in Expense Advertising.
> Also suggest you have auto-sequencing of the prior number, rather than forcing one to hit the + sign for this.
> thanks for all your help and for answering that email

Forst pf a;ll, please always CC the list on all replies.

Thanks for explaining where you got Yawar's email address, and for your suggestions. 

The "no backend" error message usually means that you tried to open the wrong file, while "Read only" is set when you try to open a file (or database, if you're using the SQL backend) when it's opened by another user. We added it in response to user requests.

Gnucash does have auto-complete on the account name, but it does require that you enter  enough of each segment of the tree to disambiguate. For example, is Expenses is the only top-level account starting with E, but there are other sub-accounts  beginning with Ad, so that you would need Adv to disambiguate, you can type E:Adv and gnucash will select Expenses:Advertising. 

The number is commonly used as a check number. Checks being used rather less often these days, it's pretty common for users to leave it blank for many entries. Always filling it in would be pretty annoying for those users.

John Ralls

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