GNUcash file storage/Preferred OS

GCMAB nvgybsj8h7 at
Sun Nov 18 18:48:49 EST 2012

Personally I would say the preferred OS is the one you are most used to using
but if you are familiar with, and can conveniently run it on either Windows
or Linux then possibly Linux is a better fit if only because the directories
it creates being in line with those on a system using a Gnome interface.
Gnucash uses the same (Gnome) directory structure on Windows but once you
know where those directories are (and the fact that they are hidden) it
shouldn't be any more inconvenient on Windows.

When you say the files you deleted "still show up in GNUcash" I assume you
are talking about the numbered list at the bottom of the "File" menu. That
is the most recently used file list and the 'problem' if it is really a
problem, would affect you on any OS. If you click on the file name you'll
get an error telling you the file can't be found. As you won't be using
those non-existent files they will move to the bottom of the list so you
could just ignore them. If you want to get rid of them, the list is just
taken from the contents of a file.

It's a long time since I've used Windows so can't remember the exact path
for the file where this is stored but if you have a hidden folder called
".gconf" in your home folder (root of your user folder) it will be in there
- apps¥gnucash¥history¥%gconf.xml.

Make sure GnuCash (or for that matter any other program which might use
Gnome settings) is not running when you try to edit it, and of course take a
copy first in case any edits you make cause problems.

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