GNUcash file storage/Preferred OS

Bob Plantz rgplantz at
Sun Nov 18 19:34:35 EST 2012

I have used gnucash extensively on Ubuntu (up through 12.04), Windows 7,
and Windows 8. It has performed equally on all three OSs for me.


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 *From:* Bill Harris
*Sent:* Sunday, November 18, 2012 11:41:29 AM
*To:* gnucash-user at
*Subject:* GNUcash file storage/Preferred OS

I am running GNUcash under Windows *, would I be better off running it
under UBUNTU?

I have created several file learning to use GNUcash.  They have been
deleted from disc using windows file explorer but they still show up in
GNUcash although I downloaded a fresh copy.

Is there documentation that explains how and where GNUcash stores files
under Windows 8, how to delete invalid file references in GNUcash and the
proper way to delete files?

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