Multiple currencies causing account totalling problems

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Mon Nov 19 01:09:57 EST 2012

Mike Alexander wrote
> The exchange rates you see in the exchange rate dialog do not have a 
> direct effect on any transaction.  Each transaction that affects 
> multiple currencies records the exchange rate used (actually it records 
> the amount in each currency).  The exchange rates you see in the 
> exchange rate dialog are not completely irrelevant, however.  They are 
> used when producing reports, for example.

Sorry to labour the point and digress from the original question posted but
let me see if I've got this straight. The answer to this may cover (some of)
Andrew's question I think.

When I enter a transaction between accounts in different currencies, after
completing the details in one account and attempt to enter it, a "Transfer
Funds" dialog pops up. The dialog contains the basic information I've just
entered, details of the transfer and a section where either an exchange rate
can be used or the exact amount in the 'other' currency. This seems to be
pre-populated with what I seems to be the most recent exchange rate
available in the database which in my case is always the rate used for the
last transaction entered in this way.

Once I click "OK", although the information is used to enter the amount in
the other account, the transfer information which can be viewed by opening
"Price Editor" from the Tools menu (the frustratingly narrow dialog of fixed
size) and appears with a source of "user:xfer-dialog", is not linked to the
transaction in any way so could be edited or deleted without affecting the

Although not connected to transactions the information entered in the
Transfer Funds dialog is used to generate reports, display grand totals and
pre-populate the "Transfer Funds" dialog. Will reports use the most recent
exchange rate? an average for the period covered? or the most recent within
the period covered? 

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