Multiple currencies causing account totalling problems

Ian K ik522000 at
Mon Nov 19 07:51:44 EST 2012

Once a transaction has been entered then changing/deleting prices in the
Price Editor will not change the transaction. You can edit the transaction's
exchange rate (thus altering the transaction itself), but that is done from
the transaction not the Price Editor.

With certain reports that depend on prices, in the report's options, there
is a Commodities tab (Options > Commodities), and on there is a Price Source
selection. Of those choices 'Most recent' makes sense for me.
In fact, some reports (like Balance Sheet) gave me nonsensical results with
the default option, and I had to select 'Most recent' to get the report to

I'd be keen to know if there are any consequences that I might regret from
deleting old prices from the Price Editor...

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