access usb drive under gnucash

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Wed Nov 21 10:41:23 EST 2012

On 11/21/2012 2:32 AM, Geert Janssens wrote:
> On 20-11-12 00:14, Ben Ba wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Gnucash installation on my laptop (windows) does not see a removable
>> drive.
>> Windows file manager hasno probelm with the drive.It is actually a
>> smartphone with an external sd disk.
>>  From within gnucash it is not possible to import a QIF file directly
>> from
>> the sd disk.
>> Is this a feature?
>> thank you.
> Hi Ben,
> No, this is not a feature in the sense that it would have been
> explicitly programmed that way.
> Unfortunately I don't have the proper equipment to test it out myself.
> I don't have a physical computer running Windows. On my virtual
> machine, I can see that the qif import dialog shows my all local hard
> drives and all network attached shares, but I can't connect a usb
> stick to see what happens. What version of Windows are you running ?
> And is this only with your smart phone, or with any usb device you
> connect to your laptop ? Does it work for example with an ordinary USB
> stick ?
> Geert
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You may need to assign a drive letter to that subdirectory on your

For other users, a reminder,  my (Samsung Rugby) smartphone needs to be
explicitly told to make the memory available to the PC every time I want
to share files.  There is also the usual warning to eject the phone on
the PC before unplugging it.

David C
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