Sig Rannem sig.rannem at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 12:03:04 EST 2012

I have recently started using GnuCash and I am very impressed with the
program, both functional capability and ease of use. I just have one
question at this time. When I create a budget and input budget numbers, the
numbers are not summed in the hierarchy of accounts the way they are in the
Accounts View. Is this intentional and if so what is the reason? E.g. if my
hierarchy is:****

** **

Top level: Utilities****

Second level: Water, Gas and Electricity.****

** **

then the numbers for Water, Gas and Electricity are not summed and the
total shown under Utilities. Is there something I have to do to activate
this summation?****

** **

Looking forward to your reply!****

Kind regards,****

Sig Rannem

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