Customer report shows markup percent but where do I enter cost?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Nov 26 14:07:17 EST 2012


Jeff R <calikid1975 at> writes:

> Ok I am confused on this one.. I was looking at the "Customer Summary" Report
> and I noticed that it shows a column for Markup% and Expense. When creating
> the invoices for the customer I didn't see any spot to reference what the
> cost was and what the markup was, I have only seen how to plug in the sell
> price and that is pretty much it... 
> If there is details on this somewhere already I'd love to be pointed in the
> right direction, or if anyone happens to know the answer that would even be
> better.

I'm not familiar with this report, but my guess is that it computes the
numbers via a ChargeBack.  I.e., you enter in a purchase via a Vendor
Bill with a chargeback to the Customer.  Then on the customer side you
can set the sale price to the customer, which can include a markup.
This report possibly tells you the markup based on the purchase and sale

I'm only guessing, but this is what I would have done.

> Thanks in advance
> Jeff R

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