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Tue Nov 27 16:16:50 EST 2012

On Tue 27 November 12 12:41:12 Mark Petrofsky wrote:
> Hello all,
> I’m pretty sure that I entered one split transaction but this time – no go.
> In my bank account I wanted to enter an automatic bill pay to AT&T and split
> it to two expense accounts. I got a number of different weird results for
> my efforts, but nothing that was correct.  I looked in the help contents
> and searched for “split transactions’ and came up dry (the closest I came
> was “multiple split transactions). I thought I’d seen instruction on
> entering split transactions when I first started with gnuCash but....

Hi Mark,

Split transactions are in the docs somewhere...

The precise way to enter them depends on your register view settings, but try 

Open your bank account register.  Check the view menu is on Basic Ledger and 
Double line is off.

Enter a transaction: set the date, type your description, then select one of 
the split expense accounts, (Eg Expenses:Phone).  Then put in the total 
payment in the column headed Withdrawal (or Credit, depends on your settings).  
Then hit the split tool button (or Actions Menu -> Split Transaction).  you 
can then add as many expense accounts as you need, and put the respective sums 
in the Deposit (or Debit) column.

hope that works for you, once you have the transaction in correctly, you may 
find that workflows from other view settings suit you... 

> When I start gnuCash I get a “Read Only file” message and the instructions
> to uncheck the ‘placeholder checkbox’ in the Account Options window.  I can
> find neither and neither is referenced in the ‘help’ files.

>From the Chart of Accounts (tree) view, select the indicated account then 
press the Edit toolbutton (bank with a pencil over it in my icon theme)

The placeholder checkbox is just above the "Account Type" list

This warning comes whenever you start GC with one of the placeholder account 
registers open, IIRC.  You may be better off just closing the relevant 
register view.


> Thanks for your help.
> Mark P.
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