Retained Earnings amount not displaying in Balance Sheet

Buddha Buck blaisepascal at
Mon Jun 3 17:00:54 EDT 2013

Yes, I have some ideas:

1. You have an equity account called "Retained Earnings" which has no
transactions in it.  You have never closed your income and expense accounts
(this is OK, many folks on this list will say that it's not necessary to do
so with GnuCash).

2. You have not modified the default balance sheet option to "Include
accounts with zero total balances".  As such, it is displaying lots of
accounts with zero balances, including "Retained Earnings".

3. You have not modified the default balance sheet option to not "Omit zero
balance figures".  As such, it is displaying a balance of $0.00 for the
retained earnings account.

4. GnuCash also reports a separate "Retained Earnings" figure, which is the
difference between the sum of the income accounts and the sum of the
expense accounts.  This is the $22,290.00 figure being displayed.

On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 3:51 PM, vitaeterna <vitaeterna2004 at> wrote:

> In the Equity section of the balance sheet it shows:
> "Equity
> /Equity/                      $0.00
>      /Opening Balance/  $0.00
>      /Retained Earnings/$0.00
> *Retained Earnings*                   $22,290.36
> *Unrealized Gains*                                    *$*
> *Total Equity*                                            *$*"
> I've tried checking all the currencies and they all seem to be in the same
> currency.
> Any ideas?   Thanks.
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