Selecting a Business/chart of Accounts when starting

Maf. King maf at
Wed Jun 5 05:02:35 EDT 2013

On Wed 5 June 13 09:20:49 Michael Hendry wrote:

> > 
> > worked like a charm!
> That's odd - from previous threads on the list, I'd understood that
> double-clicking on a GnuCash file icon would open the most recently opened
> GnuCash file, not the one that had been double-clicked.
> Has this behaviour been changed recently?
> Michael

Hi Michael,

I have always found it to be the case on Linux that GC can open correctly with 
a clicked data file.  Just starting the program from the menu (or command 
line) uses the most-recently-open file.

Can't speak for Windows behaviour, but I think it is the same.

ISTR that Apples have a problem with file association, however, and AFAIK 
trying to open a specific data file by clicking doesn't work, but others may 
know if that has recently changed.


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