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Wed Jun 5 10:37:23 EDT 2013

On Jun 5, 2013, at 2:02, Maf. King <maf at> wrote:

> ISTR that Apples have a problem with file association, however, and AFAIK 
> trying to open a specific data file by clicking doesn't work, but others may know if that has recently changed.

Mac OS X, unlike Linux desktops and Windows (and like original Mac OS), does not pass the name of an opened file as a command-line argument, but rather as an IPC (Apple Event) after the process has been started.

(This also fits into the expectation on Mac OS X that if you open a file while an application is running, that same process will display the additional file -- which could not happen, or at least would not be the straightforward default, if the sole communication mechanism were based on starting a process.)

Presumably the problem here is that that GnuCash does not implement the response to said event -- this is the usual failure mode of “ported” applications -- but I have not looked into this case.

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