Transactions Report

Maf. King maf at
Wed Jun 5 12:35:06 EDT 2013

On Wed 5 June 13 09:03:44 John R. Sowden wrote:
> On 06/04/2013 04:57 PM, John R. Sowden wrote:
> > I am entering data for the fy 6/12 to 5/13 period.  My initial
> > transactions are to post the opening balances from the previous year.
> > I am using the General Ledger Selection because I am not taking the
> > funds from a source account (eg cash).  First when I select the
> > Transactions Report in the Reports menu, I get none. Then I select
> > accounts: all, filter: none,dates start of year, end of year.  I
> > confirmed that the dates are correct under edit>preferences.  I have
> > entered 2 transactions and I am in the process of entering the third.
> > Each transaction has about 10 GL accounts.  Two of the transactions
> > have zero amounts.  1 has 3 amounts.  Of course they are all in
> > balance (especially the ones with zero amounts  :) ).  In the process
> > I realized that I did not enter all of the accounts (depreciation
> > contra accts)./  I went back and entered them.  Now I don't remember
> > where I was in the 3rd transaction, as I cannot see any of them.
> > 
> > I am sure there is a logical explanation.
> > 
> > John
> > 

> It was suggested to me that I select the "child accounts" in the account
> selection option.  I did this and made no change.  No transactions found.

Hi John,

Now that's a co-incidence.  I was creating some transaction reports yesterday, 
and I found the "select children" didn't behave as I was expecting, I haven't 
investigated with any other data file etc. yet, but it sounds like we have 
both hit a regression bug.

I ended up having to expand the tree then do a "select all"

GC 2.4.11 on OpenSUSE 12.2 (IIRC)  so I'll need to update and test more before 
thinking submitting of a bug report....  If anyone else can confirm wierdness 
(or fixed) in the current version, that would be helpful! 


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