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Thu Jun 6 08:00:08 EDT 2013

Hi Buddha,

Glad to hear drop DropBox works nicely for this, will give it a try.
Google drive option would be nice too, but they still haven't provided
linux client for that, doh. Thanks! Will give it a go, i'll hopefully see
lots of new good improvements since last time i used GnuCash.


On 6 June 2013 11:09, Buddha Buck <blaisepascal at> wrote:

> Many of us have had success with putting our GnuCash data files on
> Dropbox.  For me, this allows me to be able to update my Makerspace's books
> from at home, at work, and a the Makerspace itself whenever I get an email
> containing an invoice or a Paypal payment notification.  There are other
> solutions to the multiple machine issue.
> GnuCash is not designed to have multiple people working on a single set of
> books simultaneously, so no matter how you solve the multiple-machine
> issue, you will have to quit GnuCash on Machine A before running GnuCash
> (on the same data file) on Machine B.
> There is an Android app called "GnuCash for Android" which allows
> on-the-go data collection, but it isn't a full-fledged port of GnuCash.  It
> collects transaction data as it happens to export into an OFX suitable for
> import into GnuCash.  I haven't used it much myself.
> On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 5:53 AM, Darius Damalakas <
> darius.damalakas at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am looking for a good software to track my families finances. I've tried
>> Toshl (, but it's quite primitive, and lacks quite a
>> lot
>> of features. I've used GnuCash in the past, maybe some 4-5 years ago, and
>> it worked prety well.
>> I see there's also a windows build, that will make my life easier, as we
>> use different OSes at home. One thing that I am wondering - is there a way
>> to work on a single GnuCash project from multiple machines?   Even better
>> -
>> is there a mobile app or web app that I could use on the go?
>> Thanks
>> Darius
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