invoice counter without leading zeroes

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Sat Jun 8 07:22:03 EDT 2013

Gour wrote:

>I'd like to use GC's invoices, but the new government rule is that they
>have to formatted as follows:
>which in practice could like: 1/bo1/bu1
>and the numbering should go like: 1, 2,...,9, 10,...99, 100...
>iow. no leading zeroes.
>I'm trying to change File ---> Properties --> Counters --> Invoice
>number format
>but neither it changes - it's 000001 - nor does it produce some trace
>to figure out what's wrong.
    Worst case scenario workaround (if gnu cash isn't able to eliminate 
the leading zeros)

    I am willing to bet that the government does not require you to have 
begun your invoice numbering with "1". In which case, if gnucash allows 
you to begin invoice numbering wherever you like you can use 100001 for 
your lowest invoice number (and the lead zero problem vanishes)


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