Saving revised custom reports

Steve butterandsalt at
Sun Jun 9 19:07:55 EDT 2013

Guess I can't seem to figure this out.  So I'm using 2.4.13, from svn r22925
on 2013-04-21.  Running Windows 7.

1. So over past couple of months I've created numerous custom reports.  They
all run fine.  I saved them initially by going to the File Menu and using
the "Add Report" option.

2. Today I ran one of the custom reports, and changed the preferences on the
report.  Clicked both "apply" and "ok" at various types of my editing,
testing, etc.

3.1 If I leave the tab open, close Gnucash and come back, it's of course
still there, eg my edited custom report.

3.2 If I close the tab with the revised report without exiting Gnucash, and
then re-open the report through my custom menu, it runs fine with my edited
preference changes

3.3 But if I close the tab, then close Gnucash and come back, the custom
report without my edited changes appears.

4. Obviously (?) by clicking on "apply" or "ok" it didn't write the changes
to the custom report to your config file, etc.  But I don't see what I'm
suppose to press to "save" it, eg the "Add Report" option under the File
Menu is grayed out, and there's no "Save Report" option which would write
over my changes to the custom report.

5. I'm sure the answer is simple and I'm just not seeing it.  Help


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