Saving revised custom reports

David Carlson david.carlson.417 at
Sun Jun 9 20:47:13 EDT 2013

On 6/9/2013 6:07 PM, Steve wrote:
> Guess I can't seem to figure this out.  So I'm using 2.4.13, from svn r22925
> on 2013-04-21.  Running Windows 7.
> 1. So over past couple of months I've created numerous custom reports.  They
> all run fine.  I saved them initially by going to the File Menu and using
> the "Add Report" option.
> 2. Today I ran one of the custom reports, and changed the preferences on the
> report.  Clicked both "apply" and "ok" at various types of my editing,
> testing, etc.
> 3.1 If I leave the tab open, close Gnucash and come back, it's of course
> still there, eg my edited custom report.
> 3.2 If I close the tab with the revised report without exiting Gnucash, and
> then re-open the report through my custom menu, it runs fine with my edited
> preference changes
> 3.3 But if I close the tab, then close Gnucash and come back, the custom
> report without my edited changes appears.
> 4. Obviously (?) by clicking on "apply" or "ok" it didn't write the changes
> to the custom report to your config file, etc.  But I don't see what I'm
> suppose to press to "save" it, eg the "Add Report" option under the File
> Menu is grayed out, and there's no "Save Report" option which would write
> over my changes to the custom report.
> 5. I'm sure the answer is simple and I'm just not seeing it.  Help
> appreciated.
> Steve
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The trick is to save the revised report as a new custom report with a
different name.  I do that fairly often so I usually append something
like R01 to the name and possibly a revision date as well.  That way I
can look at the list later and see the earlier revisions that I can now

David C

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