Stable Version 2.4.14 will not print - Windows 7

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 11 09:48:09 EDT 2013

Lake Resident <lakeresident22 at> writes:

> Comment 40 did not resolve the printing problem. I am running IE 10.  When
> I get to the "Choose a Configuration" screen, and select Microsoft Windows,
> it always reverts back to Custom when the screen is reopened.  Expanding
> the Custom button drop-down  shows the default web browser as "Use my
> current Web browser."  It will not remember if I select Internet Explorer.
>  Seems to be stuck with the Custom configuration.
> Don't know if this is yet another IE bug, or if my printing problem has
> another cause.  I may uninstall IE 10 and replace it with IE 9, but who
> knows what other problems that may cause.
> Strange that any report that I print from GnuCash does show up briefly in
> the print queue, but nothing actually prints.
> I am stumped.
> Charles
> Florida

What kind of printer do you have?

What happens if you print to PDF instead and then try to print the PDF
to your printer?

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