Stable Version 2.4.14 will not print - Windows 7

David Carlson david.carlson.417 at
Tue Jun 11 15:09:57 EDT 2013

On 6/11/2013 5:08 AM, Lake Resident wrote:
> Comment 40 did not resolve the printing problem. I am running IE 10.  When
> I get to the "Choose a Configuration" screen, and select Microsoft Windows,
> it always reverts back to Custom when the screen is reopened.  Expanding
> the Custom button drop-down  shows the default web browser as "Use my
> current Web browser."  It will not remember if I select Internet Explorer.
>  Seems to be stuck with the Custom configuration.
> Don't know if this is yet another IE bug, or if my printing problem has
> another cause.  I may uninstall IE 10 and replace it with IE 9, but who
> knows what other problems that may cause.
> Strange that any report that I print from GnuCash does show up briefly in
> the print queue, but nothing actually prints.
> I am stumped.
> Charles
> Florida
> On Monday, June 10, 2013, Tommy Trussell wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 3:13 AM, Charles Revell <crevell2 at<javascript:;>>
>> wrote:
>>> Installed this version yesterday on a Windows 7 PC, but none of the
>> reports
>>> will print.
>>> When the GnuCash print button is pressed for any report, it brings up the
>>> default printer.  But after the Print button is pressed, the job only
>>> appears briefly in the printer queue but does not print.
>>> Tried changing the default Style Sheet font to Arial, but still no luck.
>>> The printer is working normally for all other applications.
>>> I can export a report to HTML file and then print, but this is too much
>>> trouble.
>>> Any ideas?
>> I don't use Windows, but have read through the list enough to have seen
>> this before (I think). Have a look at
>> and see if the
>> description (and hopefully the workaround) help you. If you also have some
>> Windows technical expertise maybe you can help the developers resolve it
>> for everyone running Windows.
>> Charles
>>> Florida, USA
>> Tommy
>> Arkansas, USA
>> OH and as it says on the footers, please be sure to reply-all to include
>> the list in your response.
Here is another avenue to investigate:

One website that I visit has a compatibility problem with IE10.  They
mentioned that one can change the Browser mode of IE10 back to IE9 or a
few other choices without going through the un-install/re-install
procedures by opening IE10 and going to the menubar and changing the
browser mode.  There is also a document mode roll-back option as well. 
Perhaps document mode 9 might solve your issue.

That would be something to try.

David C

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