Linking to chase Account from GNUCash

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jun 13 10:28:55 EDT 2013


geekvine <geekvine at> writes:

> I have never installed or used GNUCash. I am trying to evaluate if I can use
> it for the following purpose:
> These are my requirements:
> 1. I have a Chase account
> 2. I would like to install and set up GNUCash on my system such that
> 3. I can set up Gnucash to automatically download chase monthly statements
> as well as transactions on a daily basis and make them available to me .xls
> format or .csv format
> 4. By Automatic download, I mean I would like to provide login, password
> details within GNUCash and set up the frequency and I expect GNUCash to kick
> off and download at the expected frequency.
> 5. My ultimate goal is to process the .xls or .csv files thus downloaded by
> GNUCash  using my software ( that I developed using PHP ) to store these
> details in my Database. From that point on, my software would kick off some
> complex processing based on this bank data.
> Is it possible to achive something like this using GNUCash ? 
> For a beginner, how much time will it take to get up and running with this,
> on the average.

Alas, no.  GnuCash cannot be set up to "automatically download".  It's
all user-initiated from the GUI.

Moreover, GnuCash will not be able to export to .xls, and even exporting
to .csv would require some contortions you probably don't want to go

But it begs the question, what kind of processing are you trying to do
in PHP that you cannot do using a GnuCash report, or if you want to
process out of a Database then why not just have GnuCash store its data
in a database and update your PHP to use the GnuCash schemas (in
read-only mode, of course!)?

> Appreciate any help and support in this regard.
> Thanks

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