My Sales Tax Tables are Multiplying

Ted Baker ted at
Fri Jun 14 10:41:39 EDT 2013

   Each time I enter a new invoices, either for vendors (accounts payable)
   or for customers (accounts receivable), a new sales tax table is
   created so that I now have multiple duplicates of my original table.
   Are others experiencing the same thing? Is this an operator/set up
   error or have I stumbled across a possible bug?

   I am currently using version 2.5.2 but I had the same issue on version
   2.4.13. I am also using SQLite as my backend database but I have also
   experimented using an XML backend and got the same issues.

   Any assistance would be appreciated.

   Ted Baker

   Compass Rose Canvas, LLC

   Springvale, ME, USA

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