How to report split transactions

David Carlson david.carlson.417 at
Sat Jun 15 06:17:57 EDT 2013

I am looking for a way to show every split line of a single transaction
together in a single report.  The transaction report seems to show only
individual lines of split transactions as they apply to whichever
accounts are selected for that report, but if a split transaction
happens to have 12 split lines, how can I see all 12 lines and know that
there are no lines in that transaction missing from the report for any
Imagine that I want to check a paycheck deposit transaction to see if
all the deductions are properly distributed to the correct accounts and
it is too big to see it all in a screen print from the register.
I also want to see prices or exchange ratios when commodities or foreign
currencies are involved.

The General Journal report might be close if it could be set to show
only one transaction in the file.

Is there a report that can do that and how would I set the options to
see all this information together on one page or maybe two?

David C

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