Gnucash and Windows 8

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Sat Jun 15 07:57:14 EDT 2013

cmoralesm wrote:

>Hi Members, this is my first message. I appreciate your help. I had used
>GnuCash for many years and I changed my OS to Windows 8 this week. When I
>start Gnucah I have this note: "Gnucash require Windows or later. This PC is
>running Windows?, so Gnucash can not be started.". I installed a new Gnucash
>software but the message still. What can do to run my Gnucash? Help I have
>all my financial information there. Thanks
What version of gnucash have you been using? If, as you say, been using 
it many years, perhaps too old to recognize Windows 8 as being Windows. 
In which case updating to a newer version of gnucash should solve your 
problem (your data ISN'T in the program, not lost when you migrate to a 
newer version of gnucash).

Can somebody else tell cmoralesm what is the earliest version of gnucash 
that can recognize Windows 8?


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