How to report split transactions

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With regard to documentation, what I do is figure out where I want something new to be written, write up what I think it should say, and put that all into a bug report on bugzilla. For an example of my approach, take a look at:


On Jun 16, 2013, at 3:25 AM, David Carlson <david.carlson.417 at> wrote:

> On 6/15/2013 11:45 PM, David T. wrote:
>> How about searching for the one transaction in question (using date posted and amount, perhaps), and then using the Account Report on the Search Results?
>> David
>> On Jun 15, 2013, at 3:17 AM, David Carlson <david.carlson.417 at> wrote:
>>> I am looking for a way to show every split line of a single transaction
>>> together in a single report.  The transaction report seems to show only
>>> individual lines of split transactions as they apply to whichever
>>> accounts are selected for that report, but if a split transaction
>>> happens to have 12 split lines, how can I see all 12 lines and know that
>>> there are no lines in that transaction missing from the report for any
>>> reason.
>>> Imagine that I want to check a paycheck deposit transaction to see if
>>> all the deductions are properly distributed to the correct accounts and
>>> it is too big to see it all in a screen print from the register.
>>> I also want to see prices or exchange ratios when commodities or foreign
>>> currencies are involved.
>>> The General Journal report might be close if it could be set to show
>>> only one transaction in the file.
>>> Is there a report that can do that and how would I set the options to
>>> see all this information together on one page or maybe two?
>>> David C
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> Weird.  That works when I search for a single transaction as you
> describe, but if I do the same report on a register that contains more
> than one transaction it only shows the word split and does not itemize
> the split lines.
> That behavior should be documented in the manual.  I wish that someone
> who can figure out how to actually update the documentation on reports
> would do so.  When I submit suggestions often nothing happens.
> David C

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