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Tue Jun 18 08:02:12 EDT 2013

Hi Derek,

On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 7:11 PM, Derek Atkins <warlord at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Michael Bach <phaebz at> writes:
>> Dear gnucash Users,
>> I dabbled around with gnucash and filled a number of expense
>> accounts. I must have been very tired, but I inserted all numbers into
>> the "Rebate" column. Thus those accounts were colored red on the main
>> account list and I thought that's fine since they are expenses. I
>> found my error when looking at the Imbalance account.
>> So my actual question: Is there an automated / quick way to put all
>> values from the "Rebate" column to the "Expenses" column for a given
>> (or list of) account(s)? There is quite a lot of them by now...
> I'm afraid no, there is no way to modify multiple transactions at once.
> You'll have to go down each one and fix it manually.  However you should
> be able to do it relatively easily by using a combination of TAB the
> Return key.
> Start at the first transaction, tab out and fix the number by either
> entering it in the correct column and emptying out the other column, or
> changing the number to a negative number in-place (tab into the column
> with the number, hit the left arrow, and then hit the minus key).  Then
> hit return to record the change and go to the next line.  Lather, rinse,
> repeat until you're done.

Thanks for the nice "solution". I made it an exercise of mental
arithmetic, i.e. doubling the rebate amount in the expense column -
but yours is much faster of course.

Best Regards,

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