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Michael Bach <phaebz at> writes:

> Dear gnucash Users,
> I dabbled around with gnucash and filled a number of expense
> accounts. I must have been very tired, but I inserted all numbers into
> the "Rebate" column. Thus those accounts were colored red on the main
> account list and I thought that's fine since they are expenses. I
> found my error when looking at the Imbalance account.
> So my actual question: Is there an automated / quick way to put all
> values from the "Rebate" column to the "Expenses" column for a given
> (or list of) account(s)? There is quite a lot of them by now...

I'm afraid no, there is no way to modify multiple transactions at once.
You'll have to go down each one and fix it manually.  However you should
be able to do it relatively easily by using a combination of TAB the
Return key.

Start at the first transaction, tab out and fix the number by either
entering it in the correct column and emptying out the other column, or
changing the number to a negative number in-place (tab into the column
with the number, hit the left arrow, and then hit the minus key).  Then
hit return to record the change and go to the next line.  Lather, rinse,
repeat until you're done.

Good Luck,

> Best Regards,
> Michael Bach

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