Any gentoo user who can check some bug on a 2.4.11 gnucash on gentoo?

Christian Stimming christian at
Sun Jun 23 04:44:55 EDT 2013

Dear Developers and Users,

we've received a bugreport about a crash with 2.4.11 gnucash on gentoo. 
However, we have been unable to reproduce this bug on any of our development 
systems so far. But to my knowledge none of the developers is running gentoo 
as well, which means we can't build the exact same version of gnucash for 

Is there any gentoo user out there who can try to install the 2.4.11 gnucash 
version on gentoo (the current version there is 2.4.12) and check whether this 
bug exists there as well: "Crash when creating 
new invoice: Clicking OK to create a new invoice causes a segfault"

I've prepared a potential bugfix and attached it to the bugreport. If anyone 
can build the 2.4.11 version on gentoo and reproduce the problem, can you 
please try to apply the attached patch as well, compile again, and see whether 
this fixes the problem? Thanks a lot in advance!



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