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David T. sunfish62 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 29 00:24:57 EDT 2013

What happens when you change the coverage dates of the budget? When I change the dates in the underlying budget, the report only includes those months. It's not perfect, but it's something. You could copy your full year budget, say to 2013Q2, and then use that as the basis for the budget report…


On Jun 27, 2013, at 10:08 AM, Richard Lindgren <richard_lindgren at outlook.com> wrote:

> I have created my budget for the entire year 2013. When I pull up the Budget Report it lists all of my numbers as I would expect it to do. Unfortunately, it is really difficulty to view the account in question on the left side of the page with the budgeted results in month 6 thru the balance of the year. I have to move the page from side to side and it is real easy to loose your place.
> I then went to the options for my Budget for this year and opt to view only the 6th month. When I do this, the values for month 6 do not appear as they should. Instead I am viewing month 1. 
> I'm sure I must be doing something wrong here. Any guidance here would be appreciated. I need to be able to view the current month or even up to 3-months would be okay.
> Thank you in advance for your help.
> Richard 😩
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