Gnucash adding extra numbers onto multiple currency transactions

Mike Alexander mta at
Sat Jun 29 02:34:57 EDT 2013

--On June 28, 2013 11:20:48 PM -0700 JoeB <jlboz at> wrote:

> My PC OS is Windows XP. I installed Gnucash 2.4.13 and Perl
> so I could get currency prices. I have removed them and
> reinstalled them without any improvement. I even deleted all my data
> files and started again, but the garbage characters reappeared.
> I suppose I should mention, though I do not know how it might be
> relevant, that I also have problems at present with other
> applications such as Quicken and Keepass 2.0 that use .NET Framework.
> This started after I moved to .NET 4.0 but removing that and going
> back to .NET 3.5 has not made any difference. If I try to run more
> than one of those applications at a time one will crash and I get an
> error message that starts
> "System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected
> memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt..."
> I do not believe memory is corrupt. I have run memtest86+ from a boot
> disk and it found no problems.
> Perhaps the time has come for me to ditch XP.

Well, I'm running the development release (2.5.2+) on MacOS 10.8.4 so 
my environment is rather different from yours.  However, I'm quite sure 
that others have been using Finance-Quote successfully on Windows. 
Although it can be a nuisance to install it on Windows, it sounds like 
you've gotten past that hurdle.

You could try using the gnc-fq-dump test program to see if 
Finance-Quote is able to retrieve currency quotes.  This will require 
you to run some sort of command line program on windows since 
gnc-fq-dump is a simple command line program.  Since I don't use 
Windows I can't really explain how to do this.  If I'm in the directory 
where GnuCash is installed the command

  bin/gnc-fq-dump currency USD CAD


  1 USD = 1.0519 CAD

Does this work for you?

By the way, the error message you're getting is a bit misleading.  I 
think what Microsoft really means is that the *contents* of memory has 
been corrupted, not that your memory hardware is failing.  Although 
errors like that can be caused by hardware failures, this is very 
uncommon.  Much more likely is that some program has clobbered 
something in memory that it shouldn't have.


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