Can't delete Imbalance account

Liz edodd at
Thu Dec 17 14:46:29 EST 2015

Mike or Penny Novack wrote:

> Personal books or small business books? You might be wanting to call or
> send an email to your accountant or tax advisor to find out what to do.
> Note that people are sometimes sending messages to this list asking
> "what do I do with?". Meantime in Imbalance, yes?
> Michael
I've just had one of these, and made an educated guess about the new
account name. When the accountant replies to my query, I can move the
tranasaction or rename the account because all of those options are
available in Gnucash.

Work how it's best for you, for me the appearance of "Imbalance" or
"Orphan" says I have a bookkeeping error and need to fix the error.


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