Gnucash 2.6.10 question - Why WebKit ?

Jeffrey Ratcliffe jeffrey.ratcliffe at
Wed Dec 30 05:22:43 EST 2015

On 29 December 2015 at 18:19, Arno <nvana_31 at> wrote:
> Thanks for your updates. I know about the EPEL repository and have been using it for years in RHEL 5, 6, Centos 5 and 6, but it always gives me unresolvable dependancy issues after maybe >1 years of usage, so I am trying to stay far away from it if possible for my CentOS 7 setup.

FWIW, the gentoo prefix distribution allows you to compile modern
packages with an old distribution. I haven't tried building gnucash
with it, but I have no problems building similar packages with gtk2/3
or qt5 dependencies.

It takes a while to bootstrap it, but once its up and running, it is
way easier than trying to compile everything by hand.



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