Running separate accounts in the same Gnucash program

L. D. James ljames at
Fri May 1 19:21:37 EDT 2015

Do it the same way you work on two different Microsoft Excel files or 
two different Microsoft Word files.  Just open the different file with 
the gnucash program and go to work.  You can use "Save as" and save it 
to as many different names that you want (just as you can with Microsoft 
Word files).  Then when you want to open up that different business 
account by a different name, just open it up. The only changes that will 
happen will happen to the data file that you open up.

This is the same way with a Microsoft Excel file.  If you are working on 
an Excel file by "Business1.xlsx" that is the only data file that will 
be changed and affected.  If you open up an Excel file by the name of 
"Bussiness2.xlsx" it will be totally different from the other file.  All 
the data will be independent.

This is the same with Gnucash files by different names.  One data file 
will not affect the data that is saved by a different name.

By the way, it doesn't matter if you're running Linux, Windows, or Mac, 
it's the same.  When working with a Gnucash file, you're only making 
changes to that particular data file that you called up.  If you're not 
sure of the name of the file you can click on File and look at the list 
of recently opened files.  The lowest number is the most recent one.  
The one listed as #1 is the current file you're working with.

If you're not sure where you saved the file (or got the file) you can 
click on File > Save as, then look at the directory it shows.  It will 
default to the directory where the file is currently located.

-- L. James

L. D. James
ljames at

On 05/01/2015 05:25 PM, Courtney Perry wrote:
> Currently my personal finances and my business finances run in the same file: gcashdata_1.gnucash.1. How may I now separate my personal finances from my business?2. How can I add a new (2nd) business and run it separately from my current personal and business finances?
> My operating system is Windows 8.1 and I am running Gnucash 2.6.6
> And thanks for the explanation on setting up the desktop icon, it worked.
> Courtney
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