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Hi, Jill.  It'll make it easier to follow your threads if you don't 
start a new thread/topic by using "Re:" as part of the subject title.  I 
was trying to find the original message.  I believe this one.

The "Re:" in forum and Maillist messages is an indicator that it's a 
"[Re]ply" to an ongoing thread.

Being aware of these tips may help expedite the input and resolution to 
your issues.

By the way, the "Re:" prefix is automatically generated when you reply 
to a message or thread by all mail and forum programs.

-- L. James

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On 05/04/2015 10:36 AM, Jill Terry wrote:
> I have two separate accounts (files) set up for GnuCash; one for my 
> personal money and another for a club.
> I have a lot of custom reports for the club accounts in order to 
> present their accounts in the manner they are accustomed to!  I now 
> want to do custom reports for my personal money account.   No problem 
> with that.
> However, when I go to Reports > Saved Report Configurations. while in 
> my personal money account I do not wish to see all the reports made 
> for the club's accounts.
> Is there anyway I can keep them separate and tell GnuCash to look in a 
> specific folder for custom reports?
> Cheers
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