MS OneDrive or Google Drive

Plutocrat plutocrat at
Mon May 4 22:44:30 EDT 2015

Ted E Knopp wrote on Tuesday, 05 May, 2015 02:44 AM:
> How does gnucash respond to saving and synching on Microsoft OneDrive or
> Google Drive?  I am suggesting saving gnucash data to the local disk
> directory (C:\drive) that gets synched periodically.

Accounts are generally somewhat sensitive data. My preferred approach would be to somehow encrypt the file before sending it into the cloud. This could be as simple as a zip file with a password. Other approaches would be using GPG, truecrypt containers etc.

I'm a bit of a propeller-head, so I'd write a script to encrypt the accounts file, and then move the encrypted one to the directory which is being synched to the cloud. Then I'd schedule the script daily, or just run it on demand.


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