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Tue May 5 02:12:42 EDT 2015

yes - I've used both Google Drive and Dropbox for hosting gnucash accounts
to provide access to others as well as a backup to my local files. This is
really useful if you need to share Gnucash data or access/update it from
different machines or locations. I'm not encrypting stuff.

I did notice an issue when using Dropbox and I'm not sure it was syncing
properly as I ended up with long file names such as: Joe's
accounts.gnucash.gnucash.20140831001034.gnucash.2015 etc etc. There wasn't
any data loss but something wasn't quite right.

I didn't notice this happening to another set of gnucash accounts I host in
Google Drive, so I've just moved everything there as my Dropbox was full

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On 5 May 2015 at 09:44, Plutocrat <plutocrat at> wrote:

> Ted E Knopp wrote on Tuesday, 05 May, 2015 02:44 AM:
>> How does gnucash respond to saving and synching on Microsoft OneDrive or
>> Google Drive?  I am suggesting saving gnucash data to the local disk
>> directory (C:\drive) that gets synched periodically.
> Accounts are generally somewhat sensitive data. My preferred approach
> would be to somehow encrypt the file before sending it into the cloud. This
> could be as simple as a zip file with a password. Other approaches would be
> using GPG, truecrypt containers etc.
> I'm a bit of a propeller-head, so I'd write a script to encrypt the
> accounts file, and then move the encrypted one to the directory which is
> being synched to the cloud. Then I'd schedule the script daily, or just run
> it on demand.
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