Installing Gnucash 2.6 under Windows XP

Santhosh Paul editor.smp at
Fri May 8 14:37:33 EDT 2015


       In a previous episode, I'd asked here about version 2.4.0 under XP,
which is the one I'm running, and the upshot was that I can safely upgrade
it to version 2.6.

       Version 2.4.0 is currently installed in my system drive, C:, and I
want to install 2.6 in drive E. In fact, I'd like to move my Gnucash
installation to drive E: to save space in the system drive.

         So, how does the update process go? Should I uninstall the older
version first? Or will 2.6 detect the older installation and update it
automatically? But then how do I move the installation process to E: drive?

            Thanks for your help.



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