Installing Gnucash 2.6 under Windows XP

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Fri May 8 16:25:38 EDT 2015

On 5/8/2015 2:37 PM, Santhosh Paul wrote:
>         Version 2.4.0 is currently installed in my system drive, C:, and I
> want to install 2.6 in drive E. In fact, I'd like to move my Gnucash
> installation to drive E: to save space in the system drive.
(Ignore what I am about to say if you have  a very small C drive and 
have already relocated all of your user data)
Maybe the wrong question to ask. If you are running out of space on 
drive C you first have to understand WHAT (that you now have) on drive C 
is taking up a lot of space. Moving small things to drive E won't help 
much; you'd have to move lots of them.

Look at the size of various folders. What can you easily relocate? That 
is BIG.  For example, here we use email, not webmail, and save all of 
our email for possible future reference. So the directory (sorry, file 
folder) that stores the "local folders" (here is meant email folders) is 
large, several gigs. But I could EASILY move that somewhere else since 
in the mail account settings you can specify the path to be somewhere 
other than the default location. It would be just copy it to the other 
drive, edit the path specification, and then could delete the old one 
freeing up that space.

I'd have to move more than a dozen programs the size of gnucash to free 
an equivalent amount of space.


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