Downloading transactions from USAA

Charles B. Cameron Charles.B.Cameron at
Sat May 9 14:25:38 EDT 2015

I have been able to download transactions into GnuCash from USAA for 
several years, but this stopped working on April 24.  What could account 
for this unwelcome and unexpected change in behavior?  Here is a log 
showing what happens now:

14:22:08 Sending request...
14:22:08 Connecting to server...
14:22:08 Resolving hostname "" ...
14:22:09 IP address is ""
14:22:09 Connecting to ""
14:22:09 Connected to ""
14:22:09 Connected.
14:22:09 Sending message...
14:22:09 Message sent.
14:22:09 Waiting for response...
14:22:09 Receiving response...
14:22:10 HTTP-Status: 400 (Bad Request)
14:22:10 Operation finished, you can now close this window.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.

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