Transaction report in CSV

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at
Tue May 12 20:44:20 EDT 2015

Dear All,

Maybe I am a bit daft here. 

We have used for several years now very happily GnuCash for my small
medical practice. 

We need to transmit monthly VAT reports to our accountant (similar to
sales tax in USA, I would think - basically a tax on many services and
goods levied at the point of sale. The tax has several levels and some
services and goods are exempted. The challenge is to get all
transactions both listed and classified per level. 

One of the reports we sent to the account is a complete list of all
incoming and outgoing transactions (with VAT classification). I can do
this easily in PDF format. On my wife's computer where she maintains an
old (2.2.x) install of Gnucash she can do this easily too in CSV. 

But on my GnuCash 2.6.6 - it seems I can only do subaccounts in CSV but
not an overarching all in/out transactions CSV export.

What am I doing wrong? 


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