Account Structure

Milton Stern drmoshe5 at
Wed May 13 23:29:27 EDT 2015

Thanks Peter,

This is very helpful.

I expect to keep the patient accounts within a separate billing program.
However, I will attempt to keep track of the individual 3rd party payors
(for analytics of cost-benefit - which are worth to keep, and which not
worth the regulatory issues.)

I will also need to add a assets>inventory (equipment/supplies) for tax
depreciation tracking and a replacement fund.

I am also wondering if I should check a cash drawer as a cash account
within GnuCash, as a separate file, or use a separate program

Thanks again,


On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 9:01 PM, Peter von Kaehne <refdoc at> wrote:

> Dear Moshe,
> Please see attached. This is the structure of accounts we use in my
> practice. It is a CSV file, which I think GnuCash can import directly -
> and you can then fiddle around with it until it fits. ........

> ........ please use it
> if it helps, if only as inspiration.
> We are using GnuCash for the last 10 tears. It has been a very good
> move. I do not regret it. Learning accounting has been hard - but the
> clarity of the programme and the documentation has helped making
> learning easier.
> Yours
> Peter

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