(Business Features) How to find unmatched transactions in A/P?

Buddha Buck blaisepascal at gmail.com
Fri May 15 15:54:59 EDT 2015

Last night I helped the treasurer of a club I'm in find out where a $410
discrepancy in our Accounts Payable was coming from. There were no unpaid
bills, yet A/P was showing a balance of $410. It turned out that some
transactions had been accidentally posted to A/P, not the proper account.

To find these transactions, we had to go through each credit in the A/P and
match it with a corresponding debit, until all we had left were
transactions that didn't correspond to a paid bill. This involved
generating a transaction report and cut/pasting it into LibreOffice so we
could more easily mark and manipulate the entries.

Is there a better way within GnuCash to have done this? Since each entry in
A/P is presumably tagged with the bill it's associated with, it seems like
the data is there.

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