finding a deleted reconciled transaction

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Fri May 15 17:56:20 EDT 2015

Thu, 14 May 2015 13:50:30 < at> ihf 
<irafuchs at>

>I am finding that my reconciled balance is off and I am guessing that I
>somehow lost a reconciled transaction. Is there any way to use the .log
>files to find what that deleted transaction was?

first: you are using the word "reconciled" unusually for some people.

in gnc world we use: accounts / actions / check & repair to force bad 
transactions to the fore

so, it may be that your lost transaction is in a .log file *and* you may 
be able to dig it out with a knife and a hammer but have you tried the 
available tools? :)

>I know that I can add a
>dummy transaction to fix the error but it would be better if I could know
>what the transaction actually was.

Accounting is funny in that if you put the transaction you think you are 
missing back into the equation it often shows up the other one.

Oh, we don't do accounting here :)


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