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>My only real problem so far is the invoices layout.I have seen posts about
>invoicing but no real solutions.I would love to have a photo image or two at
>the top of the invoice.Then address details of my business and the
>customers.  The image shows the address between my two images at the top of
>the invoice. Then invoice number and customer stuff below.The Invoice number
>With NO '#'  In the  UK we do not use # signs like this and it looks awful
>to our eyes.Then the area stating costs would be great if it is not in a
>grid but look more freeform.If this is a lot to ask I would be happy for no
>grids and no '#' and print out on headed paper which I can easily make and
>buy a new paper tray for my printer.I am not a coder or use Crystal Reports.
>Has a basic invoice report like this been made which I can customise or do I
>have to pay lumps of cash to get one made?Fantastic programme by the way

I was expecting a monstrosity when I checked the link but it isn't bad.

No, you don't need to pay lumps of cash as I think you've solved your 
own problem neatly.

Hint: take an hour or so (it is confusing at first) to see what gnc 
style sheets do and then use them in your invoices or similar.


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