Working/backup files

Maf. King maf at
Mon May 18 02:35:56 EDT 2015

On Sun 17 May 15 21:31:42 Ted E Knopp wrote:
> I need a way to find the directory location for the gnucash file I am using.
> When I "save as" to backup my data, I find myself now working on the saved
> file.   I need a way to identify the directory of the acitve data file.
> Perhaps my other question is:  How is the best way to backup Gnucash?

Hi Ted.

IIRC, the Save As... box will show you the full path that the file will be 
saved in.  Is that not the location of your master data file?

As to backing up - I just copy the files both to duplicate local storage 
(actually sometimes usb drive, sometimes DVD) and also copy off-site regularly 
using a cron job. 


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