finding a deleted reconciled transaction

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>>>I am finding that my reconciled balance is off and I am guessing that I
>>>somehow lost a reconciled transaction. Is there any way to use the .log
>>>files to find what that deleted transaction was?
>> first: you are using the word "reconciled" unusually for some people.
>Sorry, Wm, but the OP is not using the word "reconciled" unsually.
>There is a reconciled balance, which is a runtime summation of all
>reconciled splits in an account.  If the balance does not match your
>bank statement opening balance then yes, it's possible that there was a
>deleted or modified reconciled transaction.

OK, which bit of gnc do you think the reconciled balance referred to is?

>> in gnc world we use: accounts / actions / check & repair to force bad
>> transactions to the fore
>Not necessarily.  Moreover, this might not be a "bad transaction"

OK, I'm lost but you seem to be on a roll.

>> so, it may be that your lost transaction is in a .log file *and* you
>> may be able to dig it out with a knife and a hammer but have you tried
>> the available tools? :)
>This is true.

>>>I know that I can add a
>>>dummy transaction to fix the error but it would be better if I could know
>>>what the transaction actually was.
>> Accounting is funny in that if you put the transaction you think you
>> are missing back into the equation it often shows up the other one.
>> Oh, we don't do accounting here :)
>Ummmm... Yes, we do.  Maybe YOU don't..  :)

That was a jibe at the people that say that here often.

Anyway, I'm bemused and I think we've not helped the OP.


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