Import QFX Help

Matt Humphreys mickeymatt at
Wed May 20 06:53:42 EDT 2015

I've only been using GnuCash for about a month after having used Quicken for
decades and am having some trouble importing downloaded checking account
transactions using the Import>QFX function.  It seems a little confusing and
I may have made a selection once that I can't find how to undo.  When I try
to import the QFX it is related to my "Unspecified" account instead of my
"Checking" account.  I think that the first time I tried to do this I
selected "Unspecified" thinking that I was choosing this for one transaction
instead of the entire import, and now every time I try to import it always
relates it to "Unspecified" because it won't allow me to match transactions
that have already been manually entered.  What am I missing?



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